Development Consulting Services

Chestnut Commons, Brooklyn, NY. Rendering by Smith Gee Studio.

Duvernay + Brooks often acts as a development consultant to municipal housing authorities and other public-sector agencies, as well as to private for-profit and not-for-profit developers. Our deep and highly diverse transactional experience comes strongly to the fore when we serve as development consultant, as does our extensive background in working with numerous large and small public housing authorities.

For public housing authorities, we tailor our services to the role an agency wishes to play. D+B’s development consulting is often holistic and policy oriented, involving, for example, a portfolio review of public housing assets or the development of programs to implement an agency’s policy goals. We have extensive experience working with housing agencies to plan housing and neighborhood revitalizations, including acquisition and the rehabilitation and new construction of senior and family rental and homeownership units, community facilities, and commercial space.

When an authority chooses to act as the developer, D+B creates effective implementation strategies, often providing project management services throughout the development process. When an authority chooses to contract with a third-party developer, D+B assists in the selection of development partners, often working with the authority in the creation, administration, and evaluation of RFQs and RFPs. We also assist authorities in negotiating with development partners on all business terms and performing due diligence of developer partner financial projections.

When working with for-profit and not-for-profit private developers, D+B’s expertise allows it to assist with all aspects of the development process:

  • Crafting of RFPs
  • Preparing responses to RFPs
  • Advising on the selection of for-profit and non-profit development partners
  • Advising on the selection of third-party professionals such as architects, engineers, general contractors, legal counsel, environmental consultants, marketing agents, management companies, appraisers, expediters, and accountants
  • Coordinating the work of third-party consultants
  • Soliciting and reviewing third-party reports
  • Reviewing closing legal documentation to confirm compliance with development business terms