LEED – Green-Building Components

Prospect Plaza Phase II—Green-Building Components

Phase II of the Prospect Plaza development (Prospect Plaza North), scheduled for completion in December 2016, will have 149 units, combining townhouse-style walk-ups with a taller elevator building. The project team’s submission for LEED Silver certification will highlight many different aspects of the development’s sustainable/energy-efficient design, including these:

  • Siting on an existing lot in a high-density Brooklyn neighborhood with easy access to public transportation (subway and buses).
  • Sustainable construction measures such as the specification of environmentally preferred building materials (including durable flooring as well as low-VOC paints, primers, adhesives, and sealants), a panelized structural system incorporating pre-cast walls to reduce building-material waste, and a tracking system for construction waste that documents recycled materials diverted from landfill.
  • Indoor air quality enhancements, including a sub-slab beneath the foundation to provide a vapor barrier preventing contaminants in the site’s soil from infiltrating the building. (IAQ will also be protected by the building’s designation as a no-smoking residence and, indirectly, by the project’s lack on an onsite garage.)
  • Compartmentalization of apartment units to reduce energy loss, provide a barrier against unpleasant odors, and enhance contaminant and pest control. (The efficacy of the compartmentalization and air-sealing strategies will be assessed through blower-door testing.)
  • Energy-efficiency measures designed to realize a savings of at least 15 percent over the ASHRAE 90.1 energy standard, achieved through a highly energy-efficient HVAC system, robust envelope design (including a high albedo roof to reflect solar heat), and high-efficiency lighting fixtures.
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures to conserve water and improve energy efficiency.
  • Adherence to New York City’s Active Design Guidelines, providing physical fitness opportunities for residents.
  • A LEED education/awareness program, including orientation sessions and a manual, to inform tenants and building managers about the project’s green components.

For more detailed information on this and other D+B development projects, please download our full Development Qualifications document.